Our Games

Osteya: Adventures (November 2016):
- App Store Best of 2016
- Featured in 100+ App Store countries
- Over 200 000 downloads in two weeks!

Take part in an ambitious adventure into the mysterious world of Osteya! Journey through 30 levels and try to unravel the secret of the forgotten city. But be careful! On your adventure you will encounter dark corners crawling with dangerous creatures. Use the whip, your dexterity and skills to protect yourself! What are you waiting for?

Links: App Store, Google Play, Presskit, Page

Osteya (November 2015):
- Featured on the App Store
- App Store Best of November 2015
- Top-50 Paid Overall 15+ countries
- Passed Steam Greenlight in 9 days

Our first game. 2D pixel art platformer about Seed adventures. Osteya - the city which once was home to many people over the centuries. According to historians, there is a legend that Osteya stuck in time between worlds. Here is a story of Seed, a traveler and adventurer, who was one of the heroes involved in the fate of the dream city - Osteya.

Links: App Store, Steam

McTremsonBar - LD33 (August 2015):
- "Coolness" Category Winner
- 31 place in "Audio" of 2000+ entries

It's a dark, but funny point'n'click noir pixelart quest with jazzy score, that will bring you back to the...well, to the old times, yeah, old times with classy gentlemen and beautiful ladies.

Links: Play #LDJAM33

The Gun Of Ages (Frozen):
- DevGAMM Game Lynch Nominee
- GAMM:Play Showcase Member
- Lynched on Stage by Rami Ismail

Shooter about crazy scientist, who stuck in time.